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Heya… bad news: “Turn these caterpillars into butterflies with a simple click” link is a virus, trojan, malware, spyware… something EVIL!!!! Clean your computer if you got it. It attacked me in two places… I hid from my FACEBOOK timeline, and then there was another copy, not on my timeline, that I found was still being shared! BEWARE… though it is hecka awsome to see these like 19 pics of caterpillars turning into butterflies… geez, I called my dad (who sent it to me via email) AND TOLD HIM: “IT’S BAD!!” well, ironically he started having problems right after he looked at it. Anyhow, I thought I was sharing to facebook once, nooooo, it’s messier than that! It shared it TWICE… that is why I am saying there was another copy being shared… one that was not obvious to me.

6/23/15… more to say about this… Play it safe:   DON’T GO TO:  !!! Avoid the post!!   I think ba bamail or the hacker… may have obtained by whatever means… photos from urbantimes or should I say photos from many sites….   also…   19 Before and After Photos of Butterflies…  BECAUSE who knows where this virus/malware started??  I got it from looking at a BA-BAMAIL.COM email that was circulating. AND it offers you the chance to share it on Facebook.



You suck!


by Lisa K Harrod

Jun 9, 2015, at 9:18 PM

If you ain’t got money for your kidzez shoes

But you got money for the drugs u use-

You suck
If you ain’t got money for your kidzez cavities
And you sit around and snooze as you please-
You suck!
If you are the center of your world
And it’s just so tough
No one else has problems, but YOU got it rough-
You suck!
If you never helped plan your studentz class
but you got a fine tatoo upon your ass-
You suck!
If people give to you and
you never give back-
Probly’ nothing will ever make up for
what you lack-
You suck
Get a life, and take a road trip
People will pay your taxes
While you slip-
You’re just so hip:
Your hairz the color of florescent red
You don’t care about the people
who’ll slave
’til their dead
Cuz you’re special
And there’s always something YOU need.
Hope you find Jesuz before it’s all over…
That your ulcers bleed
Until your sober.
You suck.
So when you get a ring
Before you pay me back
Or a jug of booze
Or some fancy shooze
Or some sweet fine wedding
What ‘ere you choose
Just remember
You suck
And find someone else to suck off
You can @#$% off
You suck!


jpeg ray krejci eric harrod graduation side by side comparisonMy handsome dad and my handsome son. I’m proud of both of them in every way!

Well, my dad does have a tendency to harass waitresses, but I think he might be cured of that!

Kevin Krejci, my big brother

Kevin Krejci, in a tux 🙂

Eric Harrod

Eric Harrod

Eric Harrod momentarily sets foot in Taco Bell in South Lake Tahoe.

Eric Harrod singing beautiful music.

Erica the Jewel

Erica the Jewel

It is fun playing with images of Erica (she’s sooo pretty) and artworks by my son Eric R. Harrod (plum tree India print, abstract).

Nothing more to say-

Rainy day at Porter College, UC Santa Cruz.

Rainy day at Porter College, UC Santa Cruz.

Nothing more to say other than, I think this is beautiful. I took this shot on a rainy day at Porter College at UCSC while visiting my son.

My experimental webpage design using i-web template.

End to End by Eric Harrod

End to End.

by Eric Harrod on Thursday, February 10, 2011 at 10:36pm

This time we’re going end to end.


This time,

we’re going to get them screaming,

foaming at the mouth,


steaming over the death

of all those expectations

we should have followed.


This is how you do this,

Be sure you DON’T do that-

If you don’t know how,

then stop trying

while you’re still ahead.

Or so they said.


We once believed them,

once knew our place.

Not anymore–today,

at long last, what they say

will be momentarily,



Having seen our freedom,

new lives to build,

new worlds to explore,

we will, long overdue,

settle the score.


We is I,

and you are me

and we’ll be free,

when we decree:

Long live defiance,

long live hubris,

down with orthodoxy.

No more box, no more locks, please,

Today they can think they outfoxed me; today,

I’ll not bemoan what any of the flocks believe.


Today I’m not worried if I have enough friends,

I’ll not slit my wrists to make amends. Today

I’ll not bother to confess my sins, today they

will surely know what I meant, when I said

true freedom is bound to offend, still, today,


I’m going end to end.

by Eric Harrod

I got to go out fishing on Lake Tahoe with Captain Bob Reynolds yesterday. He’s a friend of the family, so we went out on his small fishing boat. Lake Tahoe’s depth varies immensely, so no wonder you’ve got to live it up with a fishing pro! It was fun seeing the monitor that shows where the fish are and their relative “bigness” way down under. I loved seeing the fish icons pop up on the monitor and on my fishing pole. It was like we were the only souls out there and that was a fabulous treat from the last few weeks of traveling on I-5 up north to WA and then down south to Cali. Miles of deep blue lovely clean waters. Bob know his history and terminology of the lake and how to fish for different types of fish. He also knows the names of the valleys and the peaks around the lake and the type of birds that nest around the lake. It was peaceful to hear the beautiful call of Ospreys nesting at Emerald Bay and to be so close to honking geese nesting on the island there where the tea house is. I enjoyed catching the minnows, seeing them come up in the trap after only being down a few minutes, then using them on the down-rigger to catch big fish. Once again, we are cooking mackinaw too big for the immense fry pan I have, so we’re going to bake them this time. And after hearing about McDuff’s Pub at South Shore cooking peoples’ own catches in creamy dill sauce and blackened Cajun rub, I think I will improvise with that this time. Sounds wonderful. As a cook, anything is possible with the Internet… if you don’t know how to do it, “Google” it. If you want to go out with good ‘ole captain Bob, he uses his phone… WOW, a live person on the phone. He is a jolly good guy with a kickin’ roar of a laugh. Get away from the city and kick it with Bob. Maybe I will see you- his 2-6 person Charter heads out of North Shore at Tahoe City. Find his website at:

Or just give him a call:

Reel Deal Sportfishing
700 N. Lake Boulevard – Tahoe City, CA 96145

Oh, and take your camera! I got my pic when I got back home 🙂


Three Mackinaw before ritual beheading:

Auntie went fishing today April 7, 2014 with Captain Bob

Obamacare glitches

How long must we suffer with the incompetency of this meddlesome government?

Think twice before you get sucked in on this “deal.” You will pay hundreds of dollars for your virtually free package. caesars entertainment harvey's virtually free package jan 11th 2014  Picture 553 CAESARS ENTERTAINMENT VIRTUAL SCAM Harveys Disclaimer Jan 11th 2014 Picture 555

Harrah’s email

Harrah's email

Virtually Free stay = virtual rip off…